Glass Requirements

How big is the pane of glass you wish to have the cat or dog door installed into?  By law, if the glass pane is large i.e. a sliding door or the panel next to it - the glass has been heat treated, known as toughened (as per Australian Standard AS1288/2006) safety glass.  Unfortunately it is impossible to cut this type of glass - it must be replaced with a new panel specifically manufactured to your home's specifications with a petdoor hole pre-cut.  Also medium to large size dog doors to Low Lite windows will require a glass upgrade to toughened (as per Australian Standard AS2288/2006) safety glass.  Laminated safety glass is also unsuitable for pet door installation.

If you find the cost of replacing the sliding door panel too prohibitive, many customers look for alternative areas in the home, opting for the cheaper solution of using an area in the home that has ordinary glass fitted.

If the glass pane is not large (therefore not toughened or laminated) we can easily install the cat or SMALL dog door into most areas in your house.


Access to Your Home

We will require access to your home during business hours when supplying and fitting the dog or cat door.  If a glass panel needs to be ordered, we require additional access to your home to measure the glass.  Approximately 5 days later (once the glass panel has been manufactured) we will need access to your home to swap the panel over, and fit the dog or cat door.

Measurements can be taken externally if access is available when you are out.

Due to local government restrictions pet doors of any size cannot be installed into areas in the home that lead directly out to an unfenced swimming pool.